Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Valuable Advice

This piece of advice was first given to me, in high school, by a controlling and mentally abusive ex-boyfriend. He belittled me and tried to keep me away from my friends.

When I finally ended our relationship he  set out on a mass mail campaign in which he alternated between sending me "love" letters and hate mail. In one such note he railed against me friends and suggested they had encouraged our break-up (of course they did!) and advised me to "never let anyone control you".  I cut out that sentence and pasted it into my inspiration journal, just in case I ever needed a reminder.

As it turns out, I would. And the person I would need it for would give me identical advice after I rejected one of their many suggestions for my personal life. An employer gave me much "advice" and suggestions for my daily (personal) life.  The employer is offended when I don't take the suggestions and sometimes demands to know why. After telling them I wasn't going to follow their marriage advice that I should control my husband, they rewarded me with the gem, "Don't let anyone control you".

Now, that's a piece of advice I can follow- starting with you!

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  1. That's really true we are in control of ourselves.

  2. Proof that you just never know where good advice might come from - even if it's the most unlikely source.

  3. It is funny how the most difficult, horrific people sometimes say the wisest things. . .It is the best advice!

  4. Glad you were able to get such a gem from such a jerk!

  5. How fitting that the people giving you the advice are the very people who will suffer from it's consequences. Good for you for showing them the door!