Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tidbits from Taegu

Living in a foreign country and teaching English, I hear a lot of funny things. I thought I'd take a minute to share some of them with you.

1. I have one class of all elementary school aged girls. They drew pictures if me in various clothes. They've taken to calling me Princess Rachel. The picture on the right is a fairly accurate depiction of my outfit.

2. A coworker explained that she was teaching a lesson on foreign foods and asked me to explain chicken pot pie. I did and when she asked where to get a pie crust from, I told her that I usually make my own but she could probably buy one if she didn't want to. Her response:

"Really? It is possible to make a pie crust yourself!?"

3. "Teacher, do you live in Korea.?" This one speaks for itself.

4.. It was just a usual , happy day. My co-teacher took one look on me and pronounced that I looked "hard". Hmmmm

5. I once went to dinner with a former coworker. As a side we were served what looked like colored bits of Styrofoam. She tried one and then told me I should eat them. "Try, it", she said, "It's delicious. It has no taste."   Wait...what?

6. It is very popular to cut meat with scissors here. Some times we do activities in class that require me to give the students scissors. One student received a larger pair than the other students. She refused to used them because they are "kitchen scissors".

7. This winter I  came into work with a cold. My former coworker explained to me that drinking cold water in the winter causes colds.

8. I was eating a pork chop in the teacher's room. My co-teacher looks at me and says she's never seen anyone use a knife on pork before. I'm sorry I forget to pack my chainsaw.

9. One day, I brought a sandwich, jumbo pickle, chips and fruit for my dinner. My coworker asks, "Is that all you are eating? That would be a snack for me." She then proceeded to crack open a small can of corn to eat for her dinner.

10. And most recently, "Teacher's nose looks like monkey nose." Thanks guys, really. 01 02 03
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  1. Sounds like an adventure! It would be a lot of fun to live in another country for awhile and experience another culture.