Monday, June 30, 2014

June W&W Bookworm Bookclub: Learning to Know God as Provider

This books is a real-deal life changer.

It was given to me by my former employer. Before coming to South Korea, I worked at a Christian law firm where I participated in weekly Bible studies. This book was offered to any employee who wanted to read it.

I know for a fact that since them many copies have been passed around to friends and family members because this book offers some great insights.

It's Learning to Know God as Provider by Russell Bixler.

It's a small book but one worthy of reading. In fact, I think its smallness makes it easier to process. The arguments aren't long and drawn out but are simple to understand. It also makes it easy to revisit at a later time.
To understand the book, you must accept the truth it uses as its premise. The truth that we live in a spiritual world. There are angels and demons. There are evil spirits fighting against you.
The author goes on to explain that we can have a spirit of poverty, worry, false guilt or any number of things battling against us.
He gives us his personal story regarding the spirit of poverty. Basically, he says that when you are plagued by this spirit you may earn $60,000 a year but you need $61,000. It never seems that you can make enough money.
Another thing the author addresses is being prideful of our income. For example, we may feel we are worth X amount or that we deserve X amount in income. When we think this way we are forgetting that God is our provider, not ourselves. We are NOT dependent on our income. There are so many other ways God can provide for us and meet our needs.
If you are struggling with finances. debt, worry, guilt or any other evil spirit then I highly recommend you read this book. It is truly insightful.
Have you read this? What did you think? Are there any books you'd consider life changing?
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