Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Word

For the last few years I've chosen a word to serve as my mantra for the new year. Inspired by From Chaos Comes Happiness, this trend takes over the internet as each December turns into January. 

In the past I've chosen words such as "love" and "bold" and they have served me well, even if I didn't always use them to the fullest potential.

This year, I've struggled to choose between two words, "God" and "me". Quite the dichotomy.  Therefore, this year, I am choosing a phrase- "God in me."

I want to focus on internalizing the lessons I've been learning about who God created me to be. For me, this is a year of self-discovery. I want to discover and live out my purposes. I want my faith to shine through me and I want to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit within.

I want to perpetually invite God in me, to guide me and guard me. I want to live knowing that He is within and that He would delight in my actions.

I've started reading A Purpose Driven Life, loaned to me by a coworker, and it's been very inspirational. If you haven't read it before I suggest checking it out. It's meant to be read day by day but I've been stretching it out further, letting the ideas mellow and meld into my mind and heart.

I see this a bold new year filled with love and learning and I'm ready to embrace the adventure of discovering God in me.

Do you choose a word of the year? What did you choose this year?
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