Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Best Year Yet

I've set goals for 2015 but I've also been thinking about general ideas and principles that could make this year the best yet.

In the order they occurred to me:

1. Travel Korea/Asia as much as possible. I figure since we're here, we might as well take advantage of everything we can.

2. Experiment with stovetop desserts. I may not be able to perfect my baking skills in Korea but I sure can work on my frying.

3. Send more snail mail. Who doesn't love getting mail that's not a bill or advertisement?

4. Be generous. Giving makes everyone feel good!

5. Bite my tongue more. I really need to learn to think before I speak.

6. Learn to cook Korean food. Just another way to take advantage of being in Korea. I can learn to make our favorites for when we go home.

7. Learn to use the rice cooker. I think our food life will be richer if I can learn the buttons on this machine. I'm talking cakes and quiches here.

8.  Get in shape. I want to be able to play a game or go for long walks/hikes without being winded. I think this will greatly improve my quality of life.

9. Write more. Writing is one of my passions and I believe it is a gift from God. I think the more I write, the more likely I am to fulfill my purposes.

10. Finish my book. I've been working on a God-inspired book idea that I hope to complete in the coming months.

11. Complete my 7-7-7 goals. That's what goals are for, right? To be completed?

12.  Grow my blog. I enjoy blogging and would love to grow my reach,

13. Swim in the ocean. I think I was a mermaid in a past life. I love swimming in the ocean. It feels like home.

14. Spend more time outside. I think we could all use a bit more time in natural light.

15. Spend more time with God. How is this not a good thing? Spending more time with my creator sounds like the best way to make life better.

16. Use social media less. I think connecting in real life is much better!

17.  Eat better chocolate. Life is short. Don't spend it eating low grade choco!

18. Skype me friends more often. I miss our long chats.

19. Pray with my husband. I think this is a great way to strengthen my relationship with God and my husband.

20.  Complain less. I want to focus more on the good and less on the bad.

*inspired by a Mama Kat prompt

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  1. Adore the list and I'd love to learn to cook Korean food. Yummy! Have a great day, love.