Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Family Month: Holidays in Korea Part 2

May is often referred to as the family month in Korea. Parent's Day, Children's Day and Teacher's Day all fall in this month.

On Parent's Day, children give their parents red carnations. Some students told me their schools has special performances, also.

As a child, I remember asking my parent's why America didn't have a Children's Day. My mom told me that every day is Children's Day. Schools and academies are closed on Children's Day. A good many students told me they received school supplies from their parents .The majority, however, told me that their families took a trip to somewhere like an amusement park, zoo or waterpark to celebrate.

Throughout the year my students bring me gifts of candy and fruit. On Teacher's Day they were especially generous with perfume, cheesecake, candy and lots of handmade cards and letters. I especially loved the note from a little boy in opening class. We were just learning out letters when Teacher's Day arrived. He made me  a card and scrawled "I love teacher!". So sweet!

This is part 2 of a series on the holidays I've experienced in Korea. To read the first part of the series, Candy and Spam, click HERE. 01 02 03
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