Sunday, July 6, 2014

Who Knew? My Superpower is Invisibility.

I never knew I had a superpower. And honestly, I'm not sure invisibility was first on my list of powers I'd choose. And, if that's what's going on here, its not all that cool. Actually, it causes you to get hurt a good bit.

No, I'm not actually invisible, but some days I sure feel like it.

For some reason, people are constantly walking and riding their cars and bikes into us.

I've had two men all but check me in the boards. I was the farthest to the side of the sidewalk I could go without walking on top of wall or border. I even turned my body sideways to avoid the brunt of the hit and they still ran into me.

My friend had a guy run his bike into her in a crosswalk. There were maybe 5 other people crossing the street and he still managed to knock her on the ground.

Just this week, I had an old man get off his bike, start walking it and walked it right into me.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was halfway across the crosswalk at an alleyway and a car turned, without looking and my husband landed on the man's roof. My husband stood up, the man waved and drove away.

One of my Korean friends tried to explain that there is confusion because when Japan ruled Korea, people walked on the left. Afterwards, a Korean president officially changed it to where people would walk on the right. So, old people walk on the left, young people and foreigners walk on the right.

I'm not satisfied with this explanation. It's not like we're doing the tango and end the end they bump into me. They plow straight ahead into me like they never saw me to begin with.

Am I really invisible?

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  1. This happens to me too! I always feel like people are walking into me. I think I should just stop and let them and be like "HI!"