Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meal Planning in the New Apartment

Back in the States I was a big meal planner. I made a monthly plan and did a big grocery shop. I'd run to the store as needed for fresh produce, dairy and bread. I love finding and trying new recipes. I was subscribed to several different recipe magazines, including Taste of Home and Rachael Ray. Also, we were big on leftovers. I would make a big dish of something and we would eat it for lunches the following days.

Meal planning in Korea is very different. It often involves trying to find something interesting to make using the same old ingredients: chicken, pork, rice, pasta, tuna, potatoes, corn and carrots. Yeah. Oh, and we eat a big lunch and small dinner because we work 2pm-9/10.

Last week we moved to a new job and with it a new apartment. The apartment is very tiny and it's kitchen consists of one burner, sink and a mini-fridge.  The mini-fridge is a challenge as it doesn't allow much space for leftovers.

We did a "big" grocery shop at Homeplus yesterday and here are the meals that are in our near future.

Tonight: Taco Pork Chili

Sunday lunch: Hotdogs with Baked Beans and Fried Potatoes (I am excited for this one as we were able to purchase American brand hotdogs as well as buns at the store. It's the first time I've seen buns for sale in Korea)

Sunday Dinner: Samgypsal Spaghetti (samgypsal is a cut similar to bacon and is very popular here)

Monday/Tuesday lunch: Pork and Beans or Hawaiian Pork (Hubby wants one, I want the other. He'll probably win)

Tuesday/Wednesday lunch: Curry Chicken and Rice

Wednesday/Thursday lunch: Pancakes, Omelets and Fried Potatoes

And then back to grocery shopping again!

What's on your meal plan this week?

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  1. Good luck with everything, sweetie and taco pork chili sounds delicious. Kisses