Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sick of the Shtick

Jim, Raymond and Frank, Doug, Tim.....the list goes on and on.

Who are these men, you ask?

They're all men from sitcoms who have the same problems with their marriages.

Most fit into the clueless dopes stereotypes and their wives are either ballbusters or are constantly annoyed by the men's behavior. The two fight an endless battle where one is constantly trying to dupe the other into doing what they want, whether it be more free time or a hand with the chors.

I know. It's TV. It's not supposed to be serious.

But it is to me.

It's serious to me because not only do I see marriages portrayed this way on TV but I have seen marriages that actually are this way.

I've seen men who let women take care of the kids and home 24/7 because they worked hard at work and now they want to relax.

I've seen women treat their husbands like they haven't got a clue.

I've seen men act like they don't have a clue to get out of the responsibility.

I've heard men and women talking to their friends about to manipulate their spouses into doing something their way or for them.

I've heard older women seriously talking to new wives about making sure their husbands are trained. (Yes, I know sometimes this is just a cheesy joke.)

I'm sick of it. Our spouses are a gift from God. Our marriages are not 100% perfect and neither are we. But our spouses are still a gift and should be treated like one!

We don't have to swindle, or manipulate our way through a marriage relationship. Your spouse married you because they love you. Be honest with them. Tell them what you need or want and listen and encourage them to do the same.

Marriage made you a team, not perpetual enemies. It's time to act like it.

Be honest.
Communicate with each other.
 Keep your marriage your marriage.
Put God first and your spouse second.
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