My Bucket List

 I have a 101/1001 list. Some of the items overlap with my bucket list.

  1. Go to Vegas
  2. Take a couples trip
  3. Visit Cake Boss Bakery
  4. Go back to Scotland
  5. Go to Iceland
  6. Go to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival
  7. Go to Germany
  8. Take a road trip
  9. See the beach in CA
  10. Lay plans for a recoccuring girls vacation/get together
  11. Visit Boston
  12. Go to Philadelphia
  13. Visit Baltimore
  14. See wild horses

  1. Tour a winery
  2. Go to a fondue restaurant
  3. Have a pizza making competition
  4. Adopt a real food lifestyle
  5. Make homemade smores
  6. Make homemade icecream
  7. Make deep fried cupcakes
  8. Make and try a pickle pop
  9. Take cooking classes
  10. Take a cake decorating class

  1. Attend a writing workshop or seminar
  2. Publish a book
  3. Publish a novel
  4. Freelance for a magazine
  5. Freelance for a blog


  1. Start a Christmas ornament tradition
  2. Have a Choctober Fest Party
  3. Host a Southern Comfort Theme Party
  4. Grow fruit
  5. Grow a garden
  6. Learn to can
  7. Host a murder mystery party
  8. Host a Midnight Brunch party


  1. Share my faith
  2. Read the entire Bible chronologically
  3. Attend a sunrise service
  4. Attend a Christmas Candle Service
  5. Strengthen my prayer life
  6. Go on a missions trip


  1. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
  2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry
  3. Be a Girl Scout Leader
  4. Adopt a solider

  1. Host a holiday celebration where both sides can attend
  2. Make recipe dish towels for my family
  3. Plan something special for our 5 year anniversary

  1. Get a couples massage
  2. Host a craft night
  3. Go on a picnic
  4. Host a girls night in
  5. Have a makeover
  6. Have a personal stylist's help
  7. Attend a scrapbooking weekend
  8. Learn to braid
  9. Learn sign language

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