Saturday, June 21, 2014

Burger King Fail

Oh Burger King! What were you thinking?!

A couple of Sundays ago the Hubster stopped into Burger King and grabbed me a chocolate sundae on our way home from church.

I looked down and there was a soft serve sundae topped with a piece of cardboard.

There wasn't a plastic spoon, not even a cardboard spoon, but a rectangular piece of cardboard sticking out of my sundae. I didn't have a camera with me so I couldn't capture the sheer lack of spoon-ness that Burger King had placed in my sundae.

I attempted to scoop up my first bite, only to realize that the cardboard was, in fact, really thin cardboard. It required a lot of torque to lift the ice cream. I overestimated and the spoonful of ice cream catapulted into my hair.

Smooth move.

So I re-strategized. I was able to get the ice cream into my mouth if I dipped it, rather than scooped it. In the first couple of bites I realized that I really don't like the taste of cardboard flavored ice cream.

Do you know that ice cream is wet? Do you know what happens when cardboard is repeatedly dipped into something wet? It collapses.

You can't scoop ice cream with collapsed cardboard. Not going to happen.

So, my ice cream sundae melted. And I drank every bit. Wouldn't you?

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