Saturday, December 27, 2014

Like to Shop? Don't Like to Spend Money? Click Here.

This summer I placed an order on Thredup. It's a second hand clothing site. You can sell and buy from them. A giant plus for me is they have 30 days free return shipping, so if something isn't up to par or doesn't fit you can just pop it back in the mail and get a refund.

I spent $90 on 9 items. I love 6 of the items, like one and don't like or can't wear two of the items. If I was in the States I would have just returned the two items I didn't like for a refund. Now, I'm just going to try and sell them on a local flea market page.

Another thing I really liked it that everything came freshly washed and packaged well. I could literally wear everything straight out of the box. You could smell the scent of fresh washed clothes.

Now, for the goodies:

I ordered this lovely red jacket from Stile Benetton. It came new with tags.

This Forever 21 dress was around $3 and was also new with tags.

I really liked this Stile Benetton blouse, also new with tags at $10.

I thought this Daisy Fuentes top had black beading around the collar, but it turns out to be reflective pieces. I think I actually like it better.



I snagged this Calvin Klein top for less than $10. I wore it my office party today with a black cardigan and loved it.

I really really like this dress and it was one of my favorites when I ordered. However, it is WAY too short on the sides. The back and front are fine but for some reason the sides are cut really high. I tried it on with my jeans but it's too long for a top. I think it's okay paired with leggings though.

This next dress is NO-GO! It turned out to be statue of liberty green and hangs terribly. If I keep it it'll be for a Halloween costume.


I wore this dress already. My husband was Santa Claus for my school party and I wore this to look a little "elfish" . I'm half and half on whether or not to keep it.

I LOVED this dress. It wasn't new with tags but it looks new. Best part? It was originally $60 and I got it for less than $10.


Which item is your favorite?
Thredup has a great referral program. If you sign up through one of my links, then we both get $10 off when you place your first order. CLICK HERE. They've also been good about sending me coupon codes throughout the year, both through the mail and in my inbox.

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