Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey Y'all!

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm a born and bred Southern girl who's currently teaching English in South Korea. I made a 3 year pit stop in PA along the way. There's definitely a world of difference between the southern USA and South Korea!

First and foremost, I'm trying my hardest to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I wholeheartedly believe in one sovereign God and that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross. His death pardoned me from my sins and allows me to spend forever in the presence of our Holy Father.

Second, I've been married to my dear hubby for almost 4 years. I still consider us newlyweds and we are definitely still doing a lot of learning. Being together in South Korea has definitely made us a lot closer!

I enjoy baking, crafting, scrapbooking and trying to score a good deal! I also love board game nights with girls and bonfires with the with the whole gang.

When we move back to the Land of the Free, I plan on transitioning our family into a much healthier food lifestyle and helping my husband start a business. As for myself, I'm debating between going to pastry school and/or looking for freelance writing work.

In the meantime, we're enjoying Korea. I'm trying to tone up and am working on a book idea.

I'd be honored to have you follow along for the journey! 01 02 03
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